The Enemy of My Enemy is … My Next Enemy

1941-1945: To oppose the Nazis, the United States allied with the Soviets. (ref. … the Cold War)

1979-1989: To oppose the Soviets, the United States supported and funded the Mujahideen. (ref. … emergence of al-Qaeda, 9/11 attacks)

ca. 1986: To oppose the Sandanistas, the United States supported and funded Manuel Noriega. (ref. … U.S. invasion of Panama.)
1980-1988: To oppose the Islamic Republic of Iran, the United States supported and funded Saddam Hussein. (ref. … Iraq Wars I and II)

1981-2011: To oppose the Muslim Brotherhood, counter “Islamist” movements elsewhere in the Middle East, and enhance regional stability, the United States supports Hosni Mubarak.(ref. …  #Jan25, #Jan28, #Feb2 …)

The enemy of our enemies turns out, more often than not, to become our next enemy.

Perhaps the time has come to rethink this strategy.